put your hands together...

I can't help but feel 2016 is going to be the year of the hand!

Many years ago Our Frances and I went to see La Belle et la Bête the 1946 French romantic fantasy film directed by Jean Cocteau which instantly became one of my all time favourite films.

One of the images seared into my brain was the hands holding the candelabra lamps in the hallway...

So you can imagine how smitten I was when I came across these two lamps in the Spring look book from Anthropologie , stunning in their gothic surrealist glory.

The Lightbearer table lamp and sconce lamp are far from cheap at £498 but they are glorious.


The Daydream Collection by jewelry designer Mieke Morelisse  sees my hand fascination translated into wonderful amulet necklaces

My travels are an immersion in cultures, religions, temples, rituals, jewelry and magical items. Mandalas, malas and prayers in a small temple in Shangri-la, taxis that are full with necklaces, amulets and luck symbols in Thailand, spiritual attributes on altars in shops, small sacrifices in Bali: everything carries significance.”

 Every single one of her creations are handmade; Inspired by Life and it goes without saying I would happily wear them all...

Queen Marie