you only need one good trick...

"You only need one good trick” - this is one of our favourite truisms. It can be applied equally to brochure or website design or even an outfit. You only need one good trick to make it sing.

That was the phrase that popped into my head again when I was looking at the new Darmaki collection.

Just look at that signature steel origami heel...

How glorious is that.

Sultan Al Darmaki has created it to be architecturally interesting yet reassuringly solid and most important to him, unisex!


Darmaki is about marrying the two worlds together feminine and masculine creating its own world, something that is minimal, rough yet has a hint of glamour. Each Darmaki design is handmade, every component carefully selected, and constructed with the finest Italian leather and of the highest quality and craftsmanship following his experience acquired during years of training in an Italian shoe factory.

 Autonomous to every Darmaki collection is the trademark origami heel, available in a range of finishes, that undercuts the natural aspect of each piece with an industrial edge.

If I didn't have such chubby legs ( and I won the lottery, and I could walk in heels) I would be in those black knee high boots in a heartbeat.

Queen Marie