happy campers...

Oh lordy. Just look at those eyes. That's my eye make up come every day at half three!

That was my first thought when these pre- season images came thorough for the SS16 Camper Campaign. The full campaign will be released towards the end of February and during Paris’ fashion week. I can't wait, I love Camper advertising campaigns.

The first stop is Deia, the charming mountain village full of rebels and retirees. Sometimes it gets weird in the mountains ... 

Romain Kremer, Creative Director at the brand, has administered his concept to lie somewhere between the realms of fantasy and reality. His core inspiration was Deia, an area located on the island of Mallorca, and the first in a series of three Mallorca-based stories.
 Camper appointed Kremer last year, and as their first-ever creative director, he has created whole new surreal and abstract worlds for them.
Deia’s bohemian cohort and affiliations fuel the campaign’s tableau vivant style. Avatars in the static imagery and short films personify Camper’s new-season designs. Just like SS15’s campaign, make-up artist Isamaya French, stylist Anna Trevelyan and filmmaker Daniel Sannwald collaborated to create the painterly, totally abstract aesthetic

I'm getting major Chagall x Oompa Loompa vibes from these.

I can't wait to see the shoes.

Queen Marie