The Pucci Princess...

Pucci. It's one of those labels that I have always been aware of but have never ever thought of wearing.

In my head it always has connotations of blonde perma-tanned socialites. I never imagined that Pucci could make you look like a Princess. But looking at the gowns above from
Pucci EPISODE II – PRE FALL 2016, it would seem I was wrong.

Psychedelic geometries on Florentine rooftops spinning at a metropolitan speed.

Pucci keeps the pulse right where it grew: in the Palazzo. The layering of ambients, from the wrought-iron gates to the stuccos to the unremitting modernism of the rooftop terrace, designed by Gae Aulenti in 1968, where Emilio liked to spend time, is reflected in the geometric refraction of prints, motifs, cuts.Tout se tient. Mismatch as an easy match of intarsia, color blocks, rhythmic patterns. Past and present collide: graphically, effortlessly. Respect for the founding values fuels progress, no nostalgia needed. The look is lean, layered, slouchy.
Archive prints, rethought for the now, meet new prints: feathers, Monreale geometries, El borracho lips, flowers. More is definitely more fun.

This collection has also made me want to wear gloves and wear bandage shoes. I never would have seen that coming...

Let me leave you wish a wish and a warning.

I wish I was wearing this glorious printed puff coat right now.

I warn  you, don't look at the expression of the model on the right, it will put you off the notion of wearing Pucci ever.

Queen Marie