Baby It's Cold


The Big Guns

It's not really snowed here in Glasgow but I am looking out the window to lots and lots of ice. As well as plenty of layering this is the kind of weather that requires the big guns - faux fur.

Most Scots own several faux fur coats, as you can imagine, and I'm no different. Currently, there are 5 fur coats sitting in my closet and I wear each and every one regularly. But just because I own plenty of faux fur, doesn't mean to say there isn't room for more.

Here are my current faux fur picks for keeping warm this freezing weather.



This glorious pink UNIF confection, the Emma jacket, features a fab fuzzy hood and also comes in cream.



HELEN MOORE Ebony Faux Fur Buckle Collar + Green Impressionist Asymmetric Scarf

Helen Moore is one of my favourite designers for faux fur accessories. Her scarves and collars are the perfect addition to any outfit. I have two of her collars and wear them all the time and both of these scarves would be welcomed into my warbrobe. 





What's not to love about these earmuffs by Finnish label ONAR? They will keep your ears warm and make you look like a cold weather Odette.





This glorious blue collar, also by ONAR, is made with Toscana shearling so your neck will never be cold again. Your neck will thank you.




Shrimps have quickly become renowned for making wonderful, fun, faux coats. The colour choice are just fabulous. However, I personally think they are overpriced, but if you head over to their shop they have a sale on where you can pick up this Plum coat for almost half price.



Those are my personal faux fur picks for winter.