crowning glory...

Despite having ruled over The Kingdom for almost a decade now, we wear far fewer crowns than you would imagine.

It's never easy to find a crown that is edgy enough for Queen Michelle or enchanted enough for me. But thanks to Melissa Loschy, I thought perhaps our crown wearing quota was about to increase.

I say perhaps because although we have both stuck everything atop our heads in our times, these days it all feels a little bit Coachella or Burning Man to sport a crown and for two peely wally deeply cynical Scottish girls, this is NOT a good feeling.

Melissa LOSCHY is a line of Inventive Hand-Sewn costume jewelry created by designer Melissa Loschy. From bold statement necklaces to intricate pendant necklaces, each piece has a story. Her technique starts by manipulating images and printing them on water-resistant paper. Then, she combines different kinds of fabric and embroidery techniques to hand-finish each piece.

All her jewelry is divided into different collections that are inspired by history, nature, and places around the world she has visited (or wishes to visit).

Hand-crafted quality is the most important element of each piece and when you see her jewelry in person, you can truly see how much love goes into each piece.

The Black Witch one below complete with real skull is too scary for me, I much prefer the Eucalyptus bark and crystal one. With prices from only £35, there is plenty to choose from over at her etsy store

Queen Marie