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It’s not an exaggeration when I say that pretty much every single goth/alternative girl I follow on Instagram has raved at one point or another about Kat Von D makeup. Any when one of my people creates a line of makeup, I'm going to have to try that out.

Unluckily for me, her line is only stocked in the US, making it expensive for me to get a hold of. However, my IG friend, Sara, was heading over to New York and kindly offered to bring back some. I bought the Lock It foundation, Studded Kiss lipstick in Cathedral and the Tattoo Liquid liner.



My very first impression was that it's pretty hard to blend. I only use foundation where I need it, rather than all over my face, and I struggled to blend it seamlessly. It does eventually blend but you need to work at it. The next attempt I applied it straight after moisturising and that definitely helped smooth it out. The third time I mixed it with a little of another foundation and it blended much easier.

I often find it very difficult to find foundation pale enough for my skin. I am the palest shade in every brand I have used so far. For this reason, I bought the palest shade of the KVD foundation. Unfortunately it was much too pale even for me. Mixing it with a darker foundation has meant I can still wear it and I'm also using it as a rather amazing concealer.

As someone who has obscenely oily skin, I will decimate any foundation within 30 minutes and this was no different, however if your skin is normal I would say this is going to be very long lasting on you. It's matte without being flat and, if you get the right shade for you, I highly recommend it, in spite of its blending issues. It really did cover my uneven skin perfectly and I actually feel more confident when I wear it. 



There are so many amazing to colours to choose from! Choosing colours is very hard when you can’t see them in real life, so it was a huge gamble buying the foundation and the lipstick blind, therefore with the lipstick I opted for Cathedral, which is a nude, rosey brown, which you can’t go far wrong with and it didn't disappoint. It's a perfect everyday shade. The texture is also lovely and it did last quite a while. 

I'm not blessed with a full pout, so I generally stay away from dark colours and this was extremely flattering on me. If you are fortunate enough to have a bee stung pout, I recommend exploring the range of KVD reds as they look incredible. 



I wear liquid liner every single day. I could live without everything else in my makeup bag except this. For this reason I am constantly on the look out for long lasting liners to suit my extremely oil skin. Being 42, the skin on my eyelids is not as taut as it once was therefore ease of application is essential. Generally, I stay away from felt pen style liners, as they drag the skin too much, so I need a paint-like liner instead, therefore when I discovered this was a felt pen style liner I was a little dismayed. I need not have worried as it was incredibly simple and smooth to apply and didn't drag my skin at all. It also lasted all day and didn't budge until I took it off at night. It's not quite as deep a black as you will get with a paint liner, but the fact it didn't fade or smudge is great.

It's also perfect if you want a long, slender cat eye flick. I can’t do that, as the crease of my eyelid extends too far down and so flicks get distorted, so I instead put a thick, dark line which follows my lash line instead and I managed to create that line easily with this pen. 


Overall, if the brand ended up being stocked in the UK I would definitely use this brand all the time. I would also say it’s a perfect brand if you have non-oily skin as the formulations are very long lasting. The quality does feel premium and the colours and textures are rich. So KVD Beauty gets a big yes from me.



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