Mid-Heel Modern

I don't know about you but I sometimes think there is something almost slightly subversive about a sensible shoe!

We have been so oversaturared with towering Louboutins and clumbering Jeffrey Campbell's everywhere we turn, that somehow a mid-heel is starting to look more modern...

Just take a swatch at Claetyn Wood .

A carefully handcrafted footwear collection inspired by "classic and innovative women of today"  Driven by the spirit and curiosity to build new things, they combine artful technology and conscious, smart design into every shoe.

They pride themselves on making - "SHOES THAT LOVE YOU BACK"

Every shoe features a specially-designed component for maximum cushioning, lightness on the feet, and shock absorption to add a spring to every step.

Now for all you young things out there, you won't be giving a rats arse right now about how comfortable your shoes are but believe me that day comes to us all.

One day you will be thanking the Baby Jesus for a light shoe that puts a spring in your step.

Believe me for I tell thee the shoe truth....

Queen Marie