a little jealous...

Just as it does every year,Christmas has sneaked up and bit us on the ass.

As I type this, Queen Michelle and Prince B are on their way up to Aberdeen to spend the holidays with The Duchess. 

I'm working for a few more days yet, so I must confess to being a little jealous.

Talking of jealousy, I give you the Twin Jacket from Fresh Jealous.

I know nothing about this company whatsoever. I think they are based in Portugal but their site has some nice pieces and the prices are even nicer.

I am loving this longline parka, which is only an astonishing €99 but much as I love it, a coat with such a straight cut would result in instant bum shelf for me and that's never a good thing. The glorious print looks like artwork that Queen Michelle would create for Bad Planetman. Talking of which I'm going to go now and listen to Phases of Venus. That should help put a smile on my face...

Queen Marie