As the crow flies...

Dear Santa

Sorry to have left it so late to write but if you could please drop into the etsy CrowSLC store and pick up some bags for Queen Michelle and I, it would be very much appreciated.

Yes I know I will never use mine, but I will treasure them none the less.

Thank you and a very merry Christmas

With love


ps - we have both been very good girls this year

Pentagon Shoulder Bag - Geometric Bag - £258.18

Crow SLC is a handcrafted leather goods company founded in 2013 by Danielle DeLucia, a self taught leathercrafter who grew up on the East Coast and currently resides in Salt Lake City. Why Crow? Crows are understated and industrious. They are both rugged and poised - thriving under almost any circumstance. At Crow, they aim to capture the nature of the Crow in both their products and their practices. Each piece is made using only simple hand tools – an awl, needles, a mallet, a knife, beeswax. While this technique is a bit more time consuming, it’s the only way to guarantee that their wares embody the soul of their namesake. 


Mini Crossbody Bag - £86.06


Hexagon Leather Tote £296.04

Queen Marie