the force on your feet...

We all have our favourite footwear labels. For Our Frances it is Irregular Choice. She has worn their creations for years. I'm not such a fan but I must say I am LOVING their new Star Wars Collection.

The Force is strong with this one...

Designed by Dan Sullivan, who creates over 600 designs for his brand each and every year ( he is a very busy man!), this capsule collection includes much loved characters and props for some of the actual heels as well as embellished soles, digitally printed textiles and many styles best suited for a universe far far away.

A light sabre or Yoda for a heel ? Hell yeah!

The collection consists of 4 pair of flats, 2 pair laced oxfords, 4 pair high-heeled shoes, 3 pair ankle boots and 1 pair boots.

In a break with tradition, I'm going to show you my favourites first...

The Death Star
Imperial March in to winter in these striking ankle boots featuring black metallic patterned leather and unique curved platform soles. With Stormtrooper and Darth Vader heels, this pair will ensure that your allegiance to the Galactic Empire is made abundantly clear

How can you look at a pair of Chewbacca boots and not chortle?

And of course I couldn't finish without a pair showing the love story between Leia and Han with this pair of  "I know" flats. I had to laugh at the fact there is a print of Luke on the sole. Poor Luke they are walking on is broken heart.

Queen Marie