The Holy Mountain


Like Witches At Black Masses

Instagram, for me, has proven itself to be a valuable way to source new brands and labels. As I am constantly seeking out nicely curated IG accounts to follow, I have come to realise that brands tend to do this better than individuals, which is why I ended up coming across a lot of the labels I have.

I do however follow Kat Von D and in one of her IG posts she was wearing a brilliant Black Sabbath necklace, which I immediately coveted. It turns out it's from a brand called Souvenir Jewellery.

The name might suggest cheap seaside tat, but it's actually a cool little US based brand selling metal/alternative inspired jewellery and everything is made to order. The designer can also found on Instagram under the moniker @theholymountainism.


The Hell Bound, Motorhead and Black Sabbath necklaces are by far my favourites and since I have some potential good news on the work front, I shall be treating myself to one of them soon...