cum on feel the noize...

I'm willing to bet that Consuelo Castiglioni from Marni has never hear of British 1970's glam rockers Slade but when I looked at the accessories for her new Spring 2016 collection, I couldn't stop laughing, thinking to myself that she had taken Dave Hill (pictured above right and below) as her muse!

04 - MARNI CAPSULE SPRING 2016 Rush Acc.jpg

It's not just the boots. Just take a look at the haircut on that model!!

As from yesterday until October 30th you can buy these pieces from the Capsule Spring 2016 collection online.

Describing the collection they say -

"The Marni Capsule Spring 2016 is a moodboard that expresses the experimental eclecticism of the Marni world.Mix and mash draw a picture of sophisticated individualism. Night and day, delicate and pragmatic, bourgeois and offbeat mingle into a quixotic balance. The look is bold, individual and idiosyncratic"

Told you, not a word about freakin' Slade!

Let me go off on a tangent to finish - when we are interviewed people often ask about street style here in Glasgow. We explain there are lots of looks but that vintage and a whiff of art school student is a popular look.

This outfit below which probably costs 100 times what a student could afford actually sums it up perfectly...

Queen Marie