The Gift Of Time


Tic Toc Tic Toc

Last year I featured the beautifully elegant work of London based jeweller, Clarice Price Thomas, and her art deco 'Metropolis' collection, and the clockwork inspired 'Time' collection.

She is the daughter of a watch and clock maker, which clearly inspired a fascination with the mechanics of creating timepieces, as her Time collection proves.

I was very lucky to receive these beautiful clock hands inspired earrings from the Time collection earlier in the week. They have actually been waiting for me since last year, but got lost for a while in the post before finally making their way to me.  Well worth the wait.


They design is inspired by the delicate hands of a clock and it's inner cogs that she saw so much of in her father's workshop. Clarice further explains what the Time collection is about:

Inverted ideas about concealing the working parts, making the functional aspects the focal point. This is played out in a series of delicate pieces adorned with the gears, cogs and winding wheels that make up the mechanism of a traditional timepiece.

They are so are beautifully crafted and work remarkably well both my darker, edgier outfits as well as my more colourful ones. They are also perfect for ballet class too.