Flares 2.0


The Alternative Flare

My excessive layering  in Monday's outfit proved a bit too much for most I guess. When you come to KoS you're never going to get plain or mainstream. Most blogs out there are far more stylistically approachable than us, but we just can't help it! 

These MiH flares are the business though. They are actually far more versatile than I could ever imagine. Once I started really exploring how they could be styled up, I found endless things they looked really good with. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this outfit. I was really into listening to Girlschool that week and I guess that influenced me pretty heavily. And it's most definitely a far simpler way to wear velvet flares. See, I can do plain!

If you've ever read any interview with me in magazines you'll know that when I'm asked where my inspiration comes from, I always cite music and it's so true. 

I have been listening to psychedelic rock lately, so who knows what next week will bring!