cakes and scarves...

Two of my favourite things in the whole wide world!

And just like Queen Michelle shared with us the other week, when it comes to some things in life - bigger is always better. Cakes and scarves being just two of them..

Which was why I was happy when an email from the lovely people at Shepherd England popped into The Kingdom inbox.

These folks make scarves so big they even call some of them blankets. Hello happiness!

I also love them because some of my favourites like Vertigo and Blaze8 are inspired by works from the wonderful Bridget Reilly...

I'm also delighted to see their range being modelled by someone who isn't 14 years old.

The only slight sticking point is the price. Much as I love them, I'm going to struggle to splurge over £200 on a scarf, no matter how big or how lovely it is. I totally understand about the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship involved but that kind of price point is still an ouch!

Last but not least, I had to show you something which is not available in the shop but they promise is coming soon - tweed driving gloves...

Even though she can't drive, I'm willing to bet Queen Michelle will be eager to get her mitts on these and add them to her extensive tweed collection!

Queen Marie