For someone who doesn't, and probably never will, own her own home I sure spend lots of time imagining what my perfect house would look like. On my Pinterest I have a board dedicated to interiors and cool shit I'd decorate my house with. Alas, I'm stuck in a tiny flat with no storage space and a clothes-eating moth problem.

However, it's Friday and I like to daydream on a Friday so when I found these amazing frames on Pinterest, it turned my thoughts to how glorious they would look in a darkly gothic room with lush sheepskin throws, Diptyque candles, dark wooden furniture and black wood floors. Oh, I'd rather like a navy wall too.

Frame_1 Frame_2Il_570xN.660860785_63t1Frame_3Frame_4

These are designed by a chap called Darryl Cox and sold on his Etsy shop. They retail between £250 - £600 but unfortunately he only ships to the US.

How absolutely breathtaking are they? They look incredibly well made and are artworks in and of themselves. No paintings necessary. Of course, it's making me long for a palace for Prince B and I, where I can adorn the walls with such things and Prince B can busy himself with DIY.

A girl can dream....