Being Broke Is No Joke

I'm currently freelancing and having to pay myself what I can only describe as a pathetic wage. A fraction of what I earned in my last job, I can safely say the days of Marni shoes are well and truly over, unless a fab new full time job comes along.

Freelancing suits a lot of people but definitely not me. I love designing and being around other designers so working alone is depressing. And working in studios is great, except you are there for so little time you don't get to really know anyone. But yeah, the pay. That sucks hardest of all.

My shopping has been cut down to the bare minimum and I can only occasionally treat myself, and even then it's only from places like ASOS. I have to chose my purchases exceptionally carefully and buying clothes simply because they are fun or because they make smile is no longer an option. I have to buy sensible things now. Things that will last me and things that are so simple they go with absolutely everything, i.e. bland.

However, if I mixed up one little bitty fun thing with one sensible thing that's still counts as being sensible, right? 

Enter, LazyOaf...

I have on my sensible jeans and my sensible shoes, but what if I wore this fluffy pink bomber jacket? Sensible becomes FUN! And it has a badge which reads "so broke" on it, so it was almost as if it was made for me. At £127 however, it's almost a week's wages.

Pfluffjk_03_fluffypinkbomberjacket Pfluffjk_01_fluffypinkbomberjacketPfluffjk_04_fluffypinkbomberjacket

But what if I'm wearing the same sensible jeans but added a cat shirt instead? OK, so I'm not that fond of cats but this shirt has whiskers on it, so there's that. At only £55 that is definitely doable.

Catssh_01_catshirt Catssh_03_catshirt
I'm wearing my very sensible jumper to keep warm so I don't have to put the heating on at home, but wouldn't being cold be much more fun with skull trousers? Yes, yes it would. And £68 is affordable. Of course, I'd also want to wear the matching t-shirt and so freeze to death, but I'd look good doing it. T-shirt is £30.

Skulltr_01_skulltrousersBeing broke is no joke, especially when you are actually working pretty hard, but shops like Lazy Oaf are a god send because you can still get something special without breaking the bank.