I love you more than caffeine...

Can you believe Easter is only just over a week away and I've not  yet shown you a single bunny item.

I know! I've shocked myself.

So I have decided to be brief and thrifty today, ensuring that you have pennies left over for the main event - the chocolate!

My two favourties are from etsy store Laonato

The enamel and brass cuties are only $18 while the sterling silver  sweetie is a mere $25!




But even better than bunnies is this "I love you more than caffeine" caffeine moelcule necklace ( $12)



This clever necklace made me  both happy and sad because looking at it, made me I realise I don't love anyone more than caffeine!

I need it just to get me through the day, so it will always be the thing closest to my heart!!!

Now if you will excuse me I have to run, today is Grande Empresse Gillian's birthday so please join me in wishing her Many Happy Retuurns.

Happy Birthday Chum, I'll see you soon

Queen Marie