Hidden places...

It's just dawned on me that this post title sounds like we are going to take a look down the back of my couch or something. Worry not, it is something altogehter more lovely. 'Hidden Places' is the name of the upcoming collection just shared in Paris by the wonderful La Casita de Wendy 

I can't tell you how much I love this. As I sit typing this I actually have a crochet blanket exactly like that over my knees. It is freaking freezing in here...

UnnamedUnderstanding the amount of work involved putting together a new collection , now intrigues me more than ever. Over the last few months, watching the birth of Danseuse,  I have been fascinated and beyond impressed with the sheer amount of time and effort that goes in to imagining, creating and producing things that people can actually buy, wear and enjoy.

Picture 2

Just like Queen Michelle and Dust support and encourage each other with Danseuse along each and every step of the creative process, the lovely girls at Le Casita de Wendy have just shared those exact thoughts.

There are many people working to realize our collections, and they always manage how to give shape to our ideas and  transform them into concrete and unique pieces. Rosa is behind our garments patterns; Mari Carmen and the girls from Ojo de Aguja make some of our clothes; Josefina y Guillermo make the knitwear; Cristina Paniagua and Lanusa make our accesories; Ana Sender, Brianda, and the newcomer Miu Mirambell, draw our prints; María Faci works on the embroidery on our jersey garments. There are so many people helping to achieve our dreams. It is so good to have them by our side, their talent ad wisdom. I feel so touched everytime I think of them because I feel so lucky.....









It just goes to show, that even the loveliest things are made much more lovely when they are created with friends and loving gratitude

Queen Marie