flat out fun...

The older you get, the faster fashion seems to move.

That's the great thing about having a 'style' rather than being fashionable, your wardrobe has a much longer shelf life and never really dates. The downside of course is that you always look pretty much the same and some days looking in the mirror you can bore yourself to death!

 Truth to tell, Queen Michelle and I have always found it tiresome when something we like becomes fahsionable. All of a sudden that thing you loved or have worn forever, is everywhere you turn. Even things that are almost anti-fashion. Case in point teva sandals...


For the last decade or more these suckers and prada sandals are pretty much the only things to grace my feet  from Spring right through to September. It's hard to believe the Universal has been knocking about for 30 years now! This season sees some of them go flatform and that has put a big smile on my face...




Teva Flatform 3

Teva Flatform 2

Costing £45 you can find them in Office from April onwards. I think those orange ones have my name on them. Hopefully by then the hailstones and sleet will have stopped falling...


Queen Marie