Shout hello to Hardy...

Let's start the day with a little game of "guess the designer" shall we?


If you are anything like me, I think you are going to find yourself pretty surprised!


If you look closely, the clues are there in the details..


But if I told you they were from a collection shown on Saturday morning in London, you might be left scratching your head.

"Come on QM, you may say  it's menswear week, what the dickens are you talking about'

Well dear friends, shout hello again to Hardy.

On Saturday morning, he was back on the catwalk to show the youngsters how to do utility wear.


 If you are like Queen Michelle, Prince B and I , you can't think camo ( especially clever  creative camo) without thinking about Hardy B and maharishi.

The autumn/winter 2015 collection featured all the trademarks that  you will remember: combat trousers, camo print, hoods and cross-body bags. Their inspiration is also familiar. These clothes were inspired by the Japanese ninja’s costume ...Picture 5

Picture 4

But this time around these are sleek ninjas.

Sleek street ninjas!

Designers including Christopher Shannon, Liam Hodges and Astrid Andersen. Christopher Raeburn all showed utility wear in the last week but there is nothing like maharishi when it comes to an aesthetic based on army issued clothing...

Picture 9

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 8

Although staying true to his vision, Hardy admitted that the fashion landscape had changed in the last decade saying -  “I would say from 2009 things have been tougher,” he said. “I’ve had to re-look at how to put our brand out there. This [the show] is us putting our head up over the wall again, a necessary shout hello.” Picture 10

I for one am happy to wave back and start dreaming about that draped blanket coat.

Queen Marie