Meet you at Cafe De Flore...


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There is nothing like new music to make your heart happy

Expecially if that music is made by someone you know.

Even more so if the music is as special as the album above from the lovely Ross Mc Millan aka Carlos Nilmms and now the man behind Paris Metro Music 


To say Ross has had a very busy year and a half, would be putting it mildly!

Leaving Glasgow and the basement of 22 Jamaica Street far behind to relocate in Angers with his new wife where he has set  up Paris Metro Music, last week also saw him release his new album Meet you at Cafe De Flore

"My new album is released today under my real name Ross McMillan on my new label. This will be my final release of 2014. Its been a good year for me with my Skylax album blue at the start of the year and my record on Ornaments with Niko, Davina and Andrés. This album was made during the firsr year and a half of my new life here in France."



With 6 albums and over 50 releases behind him, this record and the direction of Paris Metro Music represent a new phase in his life. 

Ross  has recorded under many different aliases over the past 15 years but this is the first time he has used his real name.

 Previous downtempo music on labels like Ornaments and the Parisian label Skylax and also the collaborations with Niko Marks gave his listeners a glimpse into another side of his talent.

 The album itself is a reflection of the journey and life change Ross has made moving from Scotland to France in 2013. The album reflects his experience living a new life in France with no artistic boundaries or limits.

 Most of the album is played with a multitude of different synths, keys and machines as well as other instruments. Detroit artists Niko Marks (Underground Resistance/Planet-e) joins Ross on a few tracks too, Ross believes "its necessary" to include "Red & White paint" in this album as well as the "C'est Bon" album as he believes its all relevant to this albums story...



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This is a record for listening to at home,  it is a chronicle of everything that brought him to this point of his life.

Listen to the preview  here  

Bien fait! c'est bien Ross

Queen Marie