don't panic...


It does it every year...

Christmas sneaks up on me and bites me hard on the ass.

When Empresse Gillian told me last night it's only 3 weeks away, I could feel the familiar panic rise.

I need to follow the advice of the print above, made by the lovely Lousie, one of our oldest blog chums over at super duper things and "Don't Panic"

She has produced a whole range of charming new items in her etsy store which will make the most perfect little presents...

Picture 3

Picture 4

Louise has always been a maker. She says  "I had always made things for myself - as a teenager, when perhaps I hadn't the money for clothes or jewellery that I wanted, I learnt to make them myself (to varying degrees of success!). I soon noticed that the things that I wanted - imagined - often weren't available in shops and I became very interested in realising these designs myself.

These days she is more interested in paper and the beauty of print ( hooray!!!!)

Small edition prints and books that play with type, colour and form  all of which make for unique items and ideal gifts!




'Jaunty' seems to be my word of the week but that's exactly what these little ships above are. They put a real big smile on my face!

So if like me, you need to start getting your shopping sorted pronto,  just  pop over to Super Duper things, then you can sit back and treat yourself to a cup of tea.

And of course I take mine like this - milk no sugar...


Queen Marie