A Little Moore

Fur and velvet. Two fabrics I crave every winter without fail. I have already invested in 2 velvet Yumiko leotards, for when I return to ballet, and a pair of blue velvet shoes from Topshop. In terms of fur, high on my list are some new pieces from Helen Moore, whom Marie featured on the blog a while back. I have 2 beautiful coloured collars from the brand and would love to add a cosy fur scarf and a pair of fur slippers to my collection.

The scarves and slippers are new additions to the Helen Moore lineup, along with some fur tote bags and clutches.

Magenta_tote_bag_a CLUTCHESThe striped scarves are something special though! With plenty of colour combinations to chose from, the only question is which one...or two?

Multi_vixen_scarf_bright_d Multi_vixen_scarf_natural_dMulti_vixen_scarf_powder_blue_cLike the pensioner I am, I do love a good pair of slippers. You can see my big toe poking out of the ones I
currently have so I think perhaps it's time to upgrade to something a bit nicer. Can you imagine cozying up on a cold day in these, with a big mug of hot tea? You'd never want to leave he house all winter I suspect.



As someone who is almost permanently attached to her hot water bottle in winter, it might come as a surprise when I tell you I don't even have a cover for it. Currently I'm using an old shoe bag. I think it's time to trade it in for a fur cover...

Midnight_std_hwb_aI'm hoping thne next step in the Helen Moore journey is some fur coats. THOSE would be amazing.