Miracle Renounced

My new narrower Grishko Miracles arrived from Russia on Monday. I was so excited. I had pinned all my hopes on them, so much so that I'd taken ribbons and elastics to work with me on Monday, on the off-chance they would arrive.

At lunchtime I excitedly prepared them for class, certain these woud be 'the ones'. Upon trying them on they seemed tight, but a new shoe kind of tight. I was confident that with a little breaking in they would stretch enough to become perfect.

Class began and I decided to use my lambwool toe pads. Much thinner than Ouch Pouches, I figured it would help alleviate the tightness. As we began our eschappes at the barre, I was aware of the tightness but, again, I figured it was simply because I had not broken them in in any way prior to class. As we proceeded through the barre and into the centre, the pain began to build as I realised the skin was starting to rub off my toes and bunion area. When it came to a lengthy combination in the centre it became too sore and I decided to swap to Ouch Pouches which, though thicker, covered the bunion area. I took off one shoe and realised that was a big mistake. The second the shoe was off and I saw the mess my foot was in, there was no way I was going to be able to squeeze my now swollen foot back into those shoes. I had to swap to soft ballet shoes for the rest of the class.


Infuriatingly, I am clearly between two widths in the Miracles.

In every other way the shoes are really good. I adore the rounded shape platform and the lower vamp and heel. So, not wishing to give up quite yet, I have decided that next class I'm going to go old school and use no padding at all, just tape the hell out of my toes and bunion area. I've never danced with no padding so I am expecting it to hurt, but hopefully it'll be bearable. It might also toughen up my toes a little more too.


A dancers feet with taped toes

If that doesn't work, then it's back to the Grishko Novas I think, which I did have success with. Not as good as the Miracles but better than the 2007s. On reflection, I should have gotten them instead of the 2007s when I got fitted a few weeks ago.

But I shall see what next week brings, although if my sores heal up before Wednesday I might try them then. Eek!