the chair that bites...


Most of us are afraid of sharks!

Even if we are never likely to swim in waters where you might come across them.

After the release of the film Jaws it was said that it led many viewers to fear going into the ocean.  Reduced beach attendance in 1975 was even attributed to it, as well as an increased number of reported shark sightings.

It is still seen as responsible for perpetuating negative stereotypes about sharks and their behavior,and for producing the so-called "Jaws effect", which allegedly inspired "legions of fishermen who piled into boats and killed thousands of the ocean predators in shark-fishing tournaments."

Peter Benchley, stated that he would not have written the original novel had he known what sharks are really like in the wild and indeed conservation groups have bemoaned the fact that the film has made it considerably harder to convince the public that sharks should be protected.

 But as always I digress, if anyone can put "fun" into sharks then there is only one man for the job - Philip Colbert of Rodnik!


Philip Colbert's Rodnik Band is a fashion label styled as a pop band. They make pop-art-inspired pieces that blend fashion, art and humour ( you will be familiar with them as the people behind Queen Michelle's snoopy dress and sweatshirt)

 Now they have designed a wonderful fun Rodnik home collection that has been designed exclusively for



If you fancy putting a little bite into your interior then why not treat yourself to a shark chair for £449



A chair that bites!

That's enough to stop even me from buying more chairs...

Queen Marie