The Miracle Is Renounced

Pointe shoes
You are probably all sick about hearing of my pointe shoes woes, but nae luck because I'm moaning again!

I recently spoke excitedly, in the same way one might after discovering God, at finally finding the perfect pointe shoes. Rather aptly, they were the Grishko Miracles. Visions of perfection, my feet looked for the first time like those of a dancer.

I took a non-pointe class in them and they were wonderful. I then took my first pointe class 2 weeks ago and they seemed amazing, although a niggling concern started to creep in a little after the pirouettes as my big toe seemed to be suffering in a way it hadn't in a long time. I put it down to the fact I normally wear ouch pouches plus a bit of lambswool over my big toe. Further to that, I 'build up' my second toe with lambwool to bear some of the weight, and in this instance I hadn't done any of that. So in the second pointe class last week, I used the lambswool and yet my big toe was still sore after pirouettes and releves. Then on Monday, my third pointe class, my feet were back to hurting in a way they hadn't done for a while.

Oh no, my Miracle was short lived!

Unfortunately, I think my feet have changed and I am no longer the size I was and the shoes are actually too big. Currently, my size is 5 1/2 XX and I fear that I will need to go down to an X, but I know that means I won't be able to wear any padding in my shoes. I don't think I'm hardcore enough to not wear padding inside my shoes. I have very bony feet and I can just imagine the blisters I'd get!

My other big concern is that the thing that makes the original 2007 shoe the noisest, is the very thing I need the most - the rock hard box. I can break shoes in in mere minutes and the softer box of the Miracle shoe, whilst ensuring its silence, is actually just too soft for me. 

Last night I really scrutinised the Miracle against the Nova, both of which are the same size and supposedly built on the same last, and I can definitely see that the Miracle is wider.

So, with a heavy heart, I will go through to Edinburgh at the weekend and get refitted. I am going to ask the shop to order in various sizes of the Miracle for me if they can, as perhaps I just need a different size in those one, but in the meantime I will possibly need to return to either the Nova or the original 2007. If I do end up having to always wear the 2007, I'm going to have them custom made with the heel and wings reduced by 5mm.

Oh shoes, why do you do this to me?


UPDATE: Ok, today I got a pair of original 2007's in the same size and they are definitely much smaller than the Miracle model and slightly smaller than the Nova. Rather than give up entirely on the Miracle model, I feel confident that going down a width will solve the issue. In the meantime, I have a new pair of original, noisy 2007's to wear. Hurrumph.