This Coach Is Moving On

I really don't follow fashion weeks religiously at all. I do track some of my favourite labels to see what they are up to, but generally speaking you won't find me feverishly reading to see that day's shows. More often than not, I come across things I like by accident rather than design.

I was sent the latest images from the Coach SS15 collection via email. Not a brand I would ever have looked at, but thank heavens I opened that email.

What the hell?!

This is not how I remember Coach. Staid, brown, boring bags is how I remember Coach.

So I guess then Stuart Vevers has decided to reposition the brand to be appeal to a much younger audience. It's a seismic repositioning to say the least and is nothing if not, to be perfectly blunt about it, a balls-out mental move. And it worked. I, for one, have now officially sat up and taken notice of a brand I never have before. Not only do I think the change is a hugely positive one, I deeply crave one of the pastel faux fur coats.

Oh how happy would I be in that mint coat below? I never thought in a million years I'd ever say that about Coach. I need to take a breath here!

Vevers, who is unsurprisingly British, cites "A sub-culture combination of music, skate and surf...the tensions between utility and luxury, and street wear and luxury...inspired by the spirit of New York" as the inspiration for this shift in aesthetic. In all honesty, for a brand like Coach to move forward in any way, it would need to be at the hands of a bold Londoner.

In changing brand direction so dramatically, I can safely say those mum and granny Coach fans will stamping their loaftered feet in outrage. Job done.