Viva Vivetti

Even at my girliest, I'm never particularly feminine. However, I do find myself often craving a more 60's take on the ultra-femme. The shapes are always a bit more interesting than your basic tight-from-top-to-bottom. Show me a cocoon shaped dress and I'm yours.

Little surprise then that I've been drooling over Italian label Vivetta.

The brand was established in 2009 by designer Vivetta Ponti who explores, what she calls, "assertive femininity". This really does perfectly sum up the visual identity of the label because whilst the clothing is youthful and even innocent in some respects, there is a definitive edge to everything which allows it to step away from the overly whimsical and twee - the constant danger of clothing which reference the 60's, in particular. The bold colours and silhouettes, when layered upon each other, would be as far removed from whimsical as it's possible to get.

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Upon looking at the clothes, it's little surprise her inspiration comes from, dolls, antique, fifties furniture and tapestry from sixties and seventies. 

The designer previously worked at Roberto Cavalli, where she learned everything about embroidery but thankfully took away nothing of it's gauche ostentatiousness.

The label has a shop which seems to only stocks small items, but luckily the wonderful Avenue 32 has picked up some of the collection as have Luisaviaroma, both of which have a much wider selection. 

I'm really hoping either will get in the spotted blue neoprene dress with ruffled hem at some point. It's also not completely terrifyingly priced either, with the average cost of a piece costing less than £300.