make it, break it or bake it...

I have a date this afternoon.

A date with a cake!

Queen Michelle is making me a birthday cake and I am heading South Side for some tea and delicious cake...


Last year, we made a birthday pact, to make rather than buy each other a present.

For my attempt in May, I went with something simple, that I felt confident that even I could do.

Using the pom pom book Lady Sandra bought me for my Christmas, I set out to make Queen Michelle a giant pom pom headband.

DSC00675 book

I bought a headband, lots of sparkly wool. I even bought a pom pom maker.

I broke it.

I bought another one.

I broke that too!

Bollocks, this was not going very well at all.

I resulted to Plan B  which was to make some pom poms using a fork



I kept cutting the wrong ends...


After two weekends, all I had manged to produce was four tiny pom poms.

I bent the rules a little,  bought a vintage bed jacket and attached them.


Queen Michelle laughed her ass off at my heartfelt but tragic effort.

Who could blame her. I really need to step up my game for next year.

On the other hand, as I type this I am certain that Queen Michelle will be creating a thing of wonder.

We shall take some pictures so that you can share in the bakey cakey fun....

Queen Marie