Let me begin by saying that this is my second last post until August 18th, as Prince B and I head off to Aberdeen, Manchester, York and Wales for some much needed holidays. I will of course be Instagramming where and when I can. Be warned though - as some of this time will be a tour of castles, expect to see lots of them on my IG and lots more in posts when I return!

Recently, I received some gorgeous stainless steel pieces from Australian jewellery designer, Joshua Hall from his SS15 Okult collection.

In the package there were some earrings, a bracelet and tiny little rings which actually fit my tiny little fingers.

Joshuahall_5 Joshuahall_4Joshuahall_6MG_5076_grande MG_5117_grande

Each piece,  though small and delicate in appearance,  is actually incredibly sturdy and substantial - more so than silver. Angles and graphic shapes are prevalent, from the Reddit 'upvote' arrow to the planet saturn silhouette.  

The subtle esoteric rhetoric throughout the collection will indeed be missed by most, but I like the fact it is so loose - there are no obvious pentagrams or other symbols we've come to expect from a collection which refers to the occult. Hall's references are much more worldy rather than literal.

I have worn at least once piece every day since I got them and am particularly fond of the earrings. Best of all, since Hall has moved away from silver, everything is now incredibly affordable, with the stackable rings starting at $20AUS. Bargain.