Viva Vava

The weather here has been insane. It's actually proper sunshine! The Commonwealth tourists are certainly experiencing Glasgow better than it's ever been. Of course, the second the games are over it'll be back to the usual for us Glaswegians - littered streets and definitely no more council workers fervently cleaning walls of vandalism. We have never seen the Glasgow City Council work this hard in our lives!

But even if the city does go back to grimy self, hopefully the marvelous weather we've been having for a solid week will stay with us. Sure, it's throws up all sorts of wardrobe issues for me, especially given the I hate baring my arms and legs, but there is no denying sunshine makes everything better. 

What better time to show you some cool sunglasses?

Let me introduce you to Vava Eyewear. Elegant yet cool glasses in very unusual shapes, which never look intrusive on the face. They incorporate barberini glass flat lenses, oleophobic coating, scratch-resistant lenses, antireflection, excellent clarity in vision, chemically hardened. 100% UV protection for green lenses / 410% UV protection for all other colours.

VAVA-BL003-F BL-003_red1VAVA-WL001-FWL-001_yellow_sideVAVA-WL004-FVAVA-WL002-FBL-002_lightgrey_side VAVA-WL000-FWL-000_black_side

They explain the ethos behind their designs; "A high quality product which embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear."

"Knowledge that is gradually being lost in a time when mass-production flourishes and the use of low quality materials dominates. Nowadays, very few manufacturers are capable of delivering hand-made expertise passed down from generation to generation."

What really sealed the deal for me however was not their gloriously perfect round frames, but their reference to Detroit Techno. Now that's language I can understand; "inspired by post-industrial cities, such as Detroit, once symbols of innovation and prosperity which subsequently fell into collapse and decay."

"These cities were reinvented by the citizens to ensure survival. During this time, the Techno movement emerged as a guiding force for this process of rebirth. Indeed, when Techno appeared in the 80's it was part of a movement towards the creation of a Techno City, the city of the future, where technology would emerge as salvation. VAVA's mission is to emulate these citizens, representing the human in control of the technological world."

I'm in.