Grab A Simon Preen Bargain

One of my fave designers, when I'm feeling more body confident, is Simon Preen. I have his fab full lenth sheer Nekomata dress, which you saw on Wednesday and previously here too. If you liked my dress, then you'll be able to snaffle it for 25% off. I highly recommend it. It's beautifully crafted.

If the dress isn't your cup of tea, how about one of his strappy body suits? They look like something Milla Jovovich' character in The Fifth Element would definitely want to wear.

For example:



The 25% off flash sale happens in his ASOS Marketplace shop until 26th June, using the code HEATHER. You'll be able to experience some Preen of your own for much cheapness.


On top of that, he has created a limited edition lace dress of which there are only 15!

He explains why only 15 of these gorgeous lace dresses exist; "This lace was used in one of my first ever collections and I absolutely love it. We have had one roll left over and been meaning to do something with it for years so when i did this design i knew it was the perfect combination".

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How utterly gorgeous is this dress?! I'm a sucker for anything lace and this dress, with it's extra long sleeves and high Victorian neckline, is a beautiful example. Perfect with studded biker boots and creepers.

Happy shopping!