crabby cow...

I'm the first to admit the fact that I can be a crabby cow sometimes.

But unlike the new beasties created by Bonnie Bling  when I'm like that, I can be very far from bonnie!

For the summer BB have created both a crab and a cow...


  Picture 2

Red Crab Necklace  £40.00



Highland Cow Necklace £35.00


You can even have the crab as a bracelet in pink complete with swarovski crystals...

Crab Claw Bracelet


If you are feeling more tranquil and composed than me, then how this charming necklace featuring a loving pair of swans?

necklace £30


Making acrylic accessories with a Scottish twist, Bonnie Bling's micro manufacturing base is set on the Isle of Bute on Scotland's West Coast, creating local jobs in a rural economy, and utilising the company's very own laser cutting machine that was crowd funded, via Bloom VC, from over 100 supporters in 2012.

They have even opened a studio shop in Rothesay.

I love Rothesay and have had many a happy holiday there but it's a good couple of  years since I was there last.

I'm thinking I should bundle the maw into car and head doon the water in the next week or two...


Queen Marie