Get Your Jabs

A friend of the Kingdom, from way back in 2008, was a lovely lady called Verena Paloma Jabs. I'm not sure if any of you have been reading the blog since as far back as that, but if you have then you may recall her online shop, Cococareer. I bought quite a few things from Cococareer, inluding an awesome pair of Maaike Mekking PVC trousers, which I had to recently donate to Gladrags in Glasgow due to the fact my arse is never going to be that small again.

Cococareer sadly came to an end a while back and after that Verena manintained radio silence for the longest time. Well, I recently reconnected with her and she tells me she has launched a new shop to sell her own handmade jewellery line.

It's a small shop just now but her pretty, affordable and very intricate, laser cut acrylic and wooden silhouette creations will hopefully prove popular and see the shop grow.

The pieces are like wearable fairytales. The photos don't really don't them justice as I suspect in real life they are far more beautiful.

Bunny heart Bunny tear with beadsBunnyheartScheerenschnitt herz by the fireUnicorn big heart web

Verena explains her work;  "My work explores the imagery of fairy-tales, dreams and nightmares as well as being a reflection of the transient beauty of existence and nature.


The artwork conveys a child-like narrative set in dystopian landscapes, naïve wonderlands, dark dreamscapes, and uncanny woods, where entities mutate, meander, are permanently afloat, all sense of unified selves eradicated. Humanoid bunnies meet bunnymen in echoing dreamscapes..."
Acrylic rabbits in front of glittery moons on a pearl chain - if there is anything that screams Queen Marie, then that is surely it!