Underground Sandals

We've not been getting very much sun here and absolutely no heat whatsoever. Infact, I think it's been colder now than it was back in winter!

I fear a terrible summer is ahead for us in Glasgow but, ever the optimist, I am none the less thinking about sandals. Whilst I can't images baring my toes quite yet, at some point I shall hopefully get the chance to and don some sandals.

I have my cluncky 90's Vagabond sandals in waiting, but in all honesty they started to shred my feet last year so I'm looking for something equally chunky but perhaps a little kinder to my feet.

A brand you all know I love and have worn for the longest time, has just the perfect solution: Underground England sandals. They feauture the creeper sole I love so much and 5 buckled straps in soft metallic shades. Well hellooooooo there....

UM-D264-WHSN-MMIX_1-830x415 UM-D264-WHSN-MMIX_2-2000x1000Dare I say the metallics are almost pastel in their softness, which perfectly offsets the creeper sole.

Of all the shoes I own, my Underground England ones are by far the best wearing and most comfortable. I suspect these will be exactly the same.

Bring on summer. Pretty please?