But Head

We were recently contacted by the lovely Sinead But, a London designer, showing us her rather wonderful hand-painted and hand-made bags.

Sinead graduated from The University of Arts London in 2009 and began her hand-painted bag business just under a year ago. Currently, she does everything by herself from the logo design, the bag making to the photography on website. She is a one woman show!

Sinead told me a little more about her label and why she started it; "After graduating my BA I was struggling a little at first to find jobs that I felt passionate about or have an outlet to do something creative. So I started painting abstract painting as a form of meditation for myself, but soon I realised that there might be more to these abstract paintings. I hand stitched my first bag and that was the birth of it all!"

"My practice is very heavily influenced by the Fine Art with each canvas bag is a one off unique art piece and I love working with colours."

It's clear to see the love that's gone into each bag. Every one is a little artwork in itself and very affordable, with a huge tote only costing £50. 

As well as the handpainted bags, she also has a stunning range of coloured blocked bags which is an experimental collection mixing colours and fabrics. Only a few bags are made in each design as fabric is bought in limited quantities on a weekly basis. These only cost £30. It'd be rude to buy one!

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