boom boom, shake the room...

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Let's go back, way back -

Say hello to the new 'old school' - The Berlin Boombox  designed by Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender. He decided it was time for a fresh approach to mobile speakers, so Axel came up with a cardboard soundsystem you want to show off, like back in the day. 

Bringing together the classic boombox style with today’s audio technology, the Berlin Boombox is made from the best available corrugated cardboard. It features a strong carrying handle and a beautiful aluminum knob for power and volume control.


It comes as a DIY kit  consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure and all electronic parts. Assembly is easy (so they assure me!!!), glue-free, tool-free and takes only a couple of minutes .

Luckily building it is easy, you don't need any no geeky knowledge to build the Berlin Boombox.A construction manual is included with the kit and guides you step-by-step to complete your first DIY soundsystem ( I will be holding them to that...)

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All parts are designed with a dedication to detail and manufactured with greatest possible level of precision.The speakers and amplifier are German engineered by their partner MIVOC Pro and the batteries give you over 200 hours of play. Berlin Boombox take great pride in the  effort they have invested in their cardboard construction to achieve the best possible sound experience.

They have put together a great site too which features lots of free download 'mixtapes' Well worth a vist and well worth a listen!

Watching this 'Making the Berlin Boombox video' and seeing people cycling through Kreutzberg has made me long for Berlin again. I'm well overdue for a visit!


Queen Marie