catalogue chic...

I've never been much a model fangirl.

To be honest, most of the time I am so busy looking at the details of the garment, I don't even notice who the model is.

A rare exception is Stella Tennant. 


It may be simplistic to say but she has that wonderful combination of elegance and edge which means that Stella could make a bin bag look good.

She even persuaded me send for the LaRedoute catalogue (well that and the fact that I wanted to see the Cedric Charlier pieces. We have a real weakness for the Belgian sensibility here in The Kingdom)

Put the two of them together and you have quite the most chic catalogue cover I have seen in many a long day...


 There is something so old school and infinitely pleasing about looking through a proper catalogue ( I just had a flashback there to the Catalogue piles that Enc used to have, I used to get such catalogue envy)



 I've still to have a right proper prowl but I was very smitten with this Gat Rimon spread.

A silk bomber jacket and sequin pencil skirt, I'll bet some of you lovelies out there would look wonderful in these.

I'm not dreadfully familiar with this label. To be honest my knowledge of French labels is shamefully lacking. I just always imagine they are going to be too chic, polished and put together for me.


Queen Marie