aubergine feet...

As Queen Michelle pointed out the other week, I am not a big fan of vegetables.

Yet here I am with an aubergine on my feet...


 I know we talk about the weather a lot here on KOS but all things considered, we have got through this winter very very lightly compared to other poor souls down south.

That being said, March has already been the coldest month by far. I've seen snow and hailstones about 5 times already since the start of March.

So I have broken out the "Aubergine Feet".

Specifically these shearling boots from Australia Luxe.  I wear boots like this indoors as slippers, due to the fact that The Palace has faulty heating and as a result, my feet are like ice blocks from October to April!



The colour of these boots made me think of aubergines.

In fact I even bought one just to show you what I mean! (Yes Queenie you read that right. I bought an Aubergine. In fact it was the first one I have ever bought. It is now sitting like a trophy on my worktop. I suspect it will be sitting there for some considerable time...)

Australia Luxe pride themselves on the quality of their boots and I have to say they are indeed mighty mighty soft, snuggly and comfy!




I adore the shape and feel of aubergines (or egg plant as some of you may call them)

They are so beautifully simple in shape and for some reason, their curves make me think of tulips.

Although as you can all guess, I'd sooner eat the tulips than the aubergine...

Queen Marie