Noëlle et filles...

I'm not the most practical person on the planet  but even I felt my brow furrow in some confusion when I looked at this image of the delicious Alice tote from Spanish company Noelle et Filles


 Now call me old fashioned but the whole purpose of a tote bag, is that you can fill it full of crap and tote it around. 

Given the amount of stuff that women can cram into a bag, surely these elegant chain handles are going to cut right into your hands...




But then with a price point of €733 the woman who carries this tote  probably -

a. Doesn't carry rubbish around

b. Has another bag to put that in

c. Has another person to carry it!


Founded in 2012 the company aim to make luxurious bags that last a lifetime. By choosing the finest materials handled by the finest craftsmen, they look at these as heritage pieces. Even just looking at these shots, the quality shines through.

You can find their bags on farfetch and also on the soon to be launched Hiphunters Market over at

Hiphunter Magazine featured an interview with them last year, you can read it here.






 Queen Marie