madam! please don't eat my shoes...


In another episode in KOS syncronicity, today both Queen Michelle and I are talking shoes.

I'm featuring shoes from the land of trolls and shoemaking eleves. Specifically the stunning shoes of Elisabeth Thorsen, a Norwegian Shoemaker & artist whose shoe-exhibition is currently being held at Fredrikstad kunst-forening in Norway.

 This is a collection of 7 unique and distinctive pairs of handmade shoes where Elizabeth has approached the project as she would when making pieces of art, not merely functional footwear.

 She wants her shoes to be an aesthetic expression, pleasing to the eye as well as challenging to fully grasp.The exhibition also features the work of the equally talented photographer Tonje Kornelie and designer Mari Jaeger, who have collaborated with her on this project.

Svart bilde

The pair below feature leather carving by hand. The heels are designed by Elisabeth and handmade by professional wood carvers.

Inspiration from the Russian fairytale ‘The tale of Tsar Saltan’. 


 Shoes with handmade pearl decorations made of fresh water pearls, antique beads and golden thread. 

The decorations can be removed and the shoes refitted with new ornaments. Heels are designed by 

Elisabeth and handmade by professional wood carvers.

Inspiration: Rosemaling (Decorative Norwegian Flower Painting)



Elizabeth has also made a promo website that features work and photos from the exhibition which you can see here


Even though she is now a devout flat shoe wearer, I'm willing to bet that Queen Michelle is one of the few girls on the planet who could even stand up straight in creations like this!!!

Queen Marie