pin the tail on the donkey...



Do you ever feel guilty even when you know you have done absolutely nothing wrong?

At lunchtime yesterday, walking out of Sainsburys the alarms gave a little beep.

I don't know about you but when that happens, my heart always skips a little beat. I know for a fact that I've not done anything wrong but a little part of me feels slightly anxious. What if something fell in my basket by accident. All kinds of silly and paranoid thoughts run through my head before I dismiss them for what they are - total utter nonsense.

Then last night, my Father said to me, "why have you got a tail?"

I thought I had misheard him, so asked him to repeat what he had said, but no my ears were working just fine, he asked again "why have you got a tail"

 I wandered over to look in the mirror and Holy Crap what did I see .

Tail 2

 A tail!  I looked like I had a tail.

Fumbling around it suddenly dawned on me what it was. It was security tag stuck in my trousers.

Brand new trousers which I  had pulled on that very moring and worn all day without noticing a thing.

Obviously it was obscured bu my dress and  due to my own natural padding and the padding on my chair, it meant that I failed to even feel it back there.

 So when the alarm went off today in Sainsburys, IT WAS ME!!!!

Eeew aww what a donkey!



Forget the face that launched a thousand ships

I've got the arse that launched a thousand alarms.....

Queen Marie