mole in mittens...

It's Monday, let's talk about moles.

Moles in mittens!

I have never written a post about moles, never mind moles in mittens. Mint mittens to be accurate!



Sometimes in life, it's the littlest things that put the biggest smiles on our faces.

Take this little guy above. I actually laughed out loud when I came across him on etsy.

He is the creation of Jen Ray from South Carolina whose store Corduroy opened 2007



 Even though it is a totally illogical thing to say, sometimes you come across a maker on etsy that you just somehow know you would get along with like a house on fire in real life.

I think it's all to do with the direction their imagination has taken them. How could I not  be smitten with someone who has created the following creatures.

How about an Action Bunny With Shiny Gold Pants.


 At about half an inch tall he's even smaller than Kylie Minogue in her gold pants!

Or what about this little guy -

Golden Bandit Bunny with Wooden Peg Leg

This awesome bandit bunny has a brilliant gold painted suit with cut-out mask to see and one leg made of sycamore wood. Clearly he is ready for adventures with you



Jen makes fabulous little ceramic creatues as well as fun mugs but in the great Kingdom  tradition of saving the best for last,  I give you a little tired ghost who is plum tuckered out from all his "ghostin"

Tired Ghost Print


Her etsy store has been closed for a few weeks but I am eagerly waiting for her to reopen so that hopefully I can get my paws on the spook above.

Queen Marie