Stop! Slipper Time!

There comes a point in life, possibly when you are, like me, in your 40's, when you appreciate a good pair of slippers. Yes, you heard that right. Slippers.

We live in a time where the onesie, animal related or not, is as much part of fashion as the a-line skirt. Just take a look on ASOS. Maybe it's down to rising fuel bills, necessitating the need for extra warmth, maybe it's because we spend so much of our day making an effort to look effortless that come hometime we just want to get on the cosy stuff and cosy up. I may not personally partake of the onesie, animal or otherwise, but I do love a good slipper.

However, good slippers are hard to find, just ask Prince B. He has been without slippers for some time so, as part of his recent birthday, I took action and purchased him a pair of navy, fleece lined beauties that look like the slipper version of Mod-esque desert boots. Yes, I'm that romantic. Myself? I'm wearing a pair of woeful old lady numbers, purchased from my local B&M for £3.

Time to rethink.

I came across these beautiful felt creations by JurgaZa -  works or art as much as feet warmers.

Il_570xN.552877751_cciq Il_570xN.319055431If there is such a thing as Artisan Slippers, then these would surely be them. I think my feet would feel rather regal in Artisan Slippers...