Floral Bouquet

As anyone who saw my first outfit post of 2014, will have seen that I have invested in a shiny new floral headpiece from Rock 'n' Rose.

As an accessory overall they may be somewhat ubiquitous now, especially during festivals and in halloween, but regardless of their upsurge in popularity among the youngsters in recent times, my head still feels very happy when adorned with a plethora of roses.

I was recently followed on Instagram by a label based in New Zealand called The Wolf Cub who create stunning floral headpieces that would make any head very happy indeed.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about the label and who creates these marvelous pieces but if their work is anything to go by, they like flowers as much as me.

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My rediscovery of the delights of wearing flowers on my head, in particular roses, has even resulted in a minor rose scent obsession surfacing, something I've never really been all that fond of before. I dug out an old bottle of Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet again recently which smells wonderfully of Turkish roses and makes me crave Turkish Delight every single time I wear it!