Christmas with Karl...

 Sometimes I feel sick of fashion.

I feel jaded, tired and I think my  heart will never leap with true excitement again.

Then something, usually a tiny little thing , catches my eye, makes me laugh and makes me  realise once again, what wonderful fun it all is.

Take this Karl doll by  available at the glorious giftlab

 Karl Lagerfeld Doll  MUA MUA DOLL  £85.00 available here





My immediate thought on seeing this doll was -

"oh no, that doll has no gloves on. Karl would never, ever be seen without his gloves"

Closely followed by the thought -

"Get a grip Queenie, he is a knitted doll!"

But not just any doll.

He is Mua Mua doll.

Founded by former fashion student Ludovica Virga to inject a little fun and humanity into the world of high fashion and celebrity, each doll is individually designed and then hand-knitted by a team of girls in Mua Mua Dolls’ ‘Warhol-inspired’ factory in Bali.

The Mua Mua Dolls take a light hearted look at celebrities and the fashion industry, portraying a scarred version of the real person in order to express their humanity, and make people laugh, thus turning bad energy into good

Picture 1

Picture 2


Even more fun than the dolls are these genius bobble hats featuring La Wintour and The Kaiser...

Although if I am being honest Anna loooks a little more like Thelma from Scooby Doo on the hat!

Cream Anna Wool Cap  £40.00





While I do adore the hats, my absolute favourite is this little handmade knitted pouch with also comes with a little doll.

I wish I had found this earlier, it would have been at the top of my list to Santa

I Love Miuccia Pouch  MUA MUA DOLLS  £35.00 from here


MP2964957-107-PT2I may just have to treat myself because I love Miuccia, I really do.

Queen Marie