just sayin...

 An email dropped into The Kingdom this week from Liam Fahy that made me smile.

It simply said - "Just sayin our shoes would love to meet you."

Sometimes when it comes to text in a marketing email, less is definitely more..

Lights shoes action


While I would be the first to confess that Liams mainline collection is not reaaly my style, I adore his special projects.

I like the way Liam thinks.

When he was questioned  earlier this year, about who his favourite  shoe designers were he replied saying

"I’m more inspired by designers and creatives that have nothing do to with footwear, like Bauhaus, Corbusier, Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrik, Bruno Minari, Robert Caldini and Philip K Dick."

So it will come as no surprise that my most favourite shoe by far, is his Wassili Shoe, which won him a UK Urban Fashion Award in 2007.

This shoe is inspired by the iconic and distinctly modernist Wasilly chair

First created in 1926, The Wassily Chair was first built by Marcel Breuer at the Bauhaus institution in Dessau, Germany.  Breuer found his inspiration for the chair in the bent form of a bicycle handlebar, available for the first time in steel due to a development in technology.  The German steel manufacturer Mannesmann had developed a process to produce seamless steel tubing, the first to allow tubes to be bent without breaking at the seam.  Breuer’s Adler bicycle featured such tubing, which inspired the designer to employ this material in furniture.

The Wassily Chair was originally known as the Model B3 Chair, but was later marketed as the Wassily Chair after a story about Breuer’s friend and colleague at Bauhaus, artist Wassily Kandinsky.  After first producing the Model B3 Chair prototype, Kandinsky was so enthralled with the chair that Breuer decided to produce another for Wassily Kandinsky himself.  This friendship, and the later popularity of Kandinsky led the producers of the Model B3 Chair to change its name to the now famous Wassily Chair. 





How could I not love that.

A shoe inspired by one of my favourite chairs! Come on people!

 Queen Marie