jewels for the rigorous mind...


While I have a great interest in and love of architecture, my taste in jewelery doesn't really ever reflect that!

My natural instinct is always towards the whimsical. I sometimes wish my taste could have a more minimal, rigorous and spare leaning. But the heart wants what the heart wants and my heart usually wants a deer, a bear or a godamm bird.

However if  ever I was to break my pattern it would be now, thanks to the work of xx Moncho Berenguer

He has just started designing 3d printed jewelry inspired by my background in architecture. Designing on the edge of technology, nature and tradition he produces stunning work .

Ring Void 02 Rounder18 €19.84



 Ring Void Ro17 €17.51




The ring above makes me think of Jodrell Bank


Picture 3

 His work is sold on Shapeways.


This was new to me and is super intriguing. It is basically 3D printing for everyone.

 Shapeways makes 3D printing affordable and accessible, connecting people around the world and providing access to the best technology.

 It turns your ideas, not matter how outlandish into real products in over 30 materials.

 Basically it's like a futuristic etsy, where you can shop the future! . I predict many lost hours to come while I have a good prowl around it...

Queen Marie



Picture 2